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Alan Bishop

Alan Bishop


(616) 466-5603

Alan started to work for his grandfather's trucking company as a young boy starting with airing tires and checking lights, eventually doing more tasks as he learned. After high school, at 18 years old, Alan drove truck for him on a route from Grand Rapids to Flint, Lansing, and Detroit. Alan hauled double bottom flat beds loaded with 60,000 pounds of plaster board. These trailers needed to be tarped in those days, heavy canvas was used to cover the loads.


A year later, a new employer had Alan's number– the United States Army.  After the service, he went to work for Bender & Loudon Motor Freight in Richfield, Ohio for 7 years as a dispatcher, then back to his grandfather’s company which was now owned by his father.  

In March of 1993, Alan completed a purchase agreement with Ed Stoga to purchase Equity Transportation Company of Grand Rapids, MI and started his life at Equity on April 1, 1993. Equity Transportation had 20 power units and 80 trailers in 1993. In December of 2005, Equity opened its Atlanta facility. 

His focus has always been on a family-oriented company that puts employees and their families in the forefront. The goal is to do its best to route drivers on lanes of their choice, giving the home time they need while expecting a fair week work. Equity does not treat employees as numbers. They know everyone’s name. Equity is a family. The company is based and runs on an open-door policy.  

Alan's hobbies include spending time with his wonderful wife, Kimberly and his doggie, Harley by taking motorcycle trips.  Last summer, they took his bikes out west and toured the National parks. Biggest setback was Harley being only 10 weeks old when they departed but was 20 weeks old and 10 pounds heavier at the completion of the trip. Since Harley rides in a backpack on Alan's back when riding the motorcycle, his compounding weight added a little burden every day. 

He enjoys meeting new people that join the team and as the owner– he will always have your back. Come check Equity out. Make Equity your new home! 

Chad Bishop

In 1992, Chad joined his father, Alan, and continued the family’s multi-generational involvement in the Transportation Industry. After graduated high school, he attended college at Northwood University and every other weekend came home to drive trucks. In 2001, he joined the company full time. In typical Equity fashion, he worked in the shop, dispatch, sales, and in 2011 was promoted to Vice President. He has a wife Chris, son Cole, and two grandkids Easton and Lila. In his time off he enjoys spending time on the lake, snowmobiling, watching sports, and most importantly, spending time with his family. 

Chad Bishop


(616) 466-5600


Kevin Ruiter has been with Equity for 12 years. Outside of work, he enjoys working on his house, spending time with his family, and traveling.

“No matter where you're at, there you are.”

Kevin Ruiter

Director of HR

(616) 466-5616

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