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–5 years at Equity

"The main reason I enjoy working for Equity, is the simple fact that there are people within the company that will go the extra distance to help you out and fix any problems you are having."

–15 years at Equity

"Equity Transportation: a great place to work, a great group of people to work with. Looking forward to another day driving for Equity Transportation!!!"


"I am really proud to know I work somewhere that cares about my health, family and household. Y'all are truly a blessing to me and God will bless y'all for not being too busy to just have time for us drivers. Hard work always pays off, but good people are not so easy to come by. Thanks for the Love from my Equity Family."

–13 years at Equity

"Equity = Family"


"I began my career with equity back in 2011. I was a team OTR driver then. As time passed, my partnership ended and life changed. I left Equity in pursuit of different goals. Realized Equity best suited me after all. Returning as a daily driver, life again offered a challenge, and I decided to try to grow as a driver. I again soon found I was not in the right space and, once again, returned to Equity.  The Bishop family has supported me through all these years, and for that, I thank you. There are many people here that do care and respect me. I will continue to enjoy employment here for the foreseeable future as a fairly paid and well treated driver. Thank you to all who have been there as support. My awesome dispatcher Jeremy, Brock and Lin. Most of all, thanks Alan and Chad."

–8 years at Equity

"Equity is accommodating and I have made life long friendships."


"In 1981, Alan Bishop took me for a ride in a truck to Minneapolis, MN and taught me how to drive a 18-wheeler. When Alan came to Equity in 1993, I came with him. Alan and Equity have had my back ever since. Equity is a family!"

–2 years at Equity

"Equity is very flexible with work and personal life. Pay is good. Plus, Brock is AMAZING, and Lin gives me candy."

–10 years at Equity

"Equity takes very good care of me."

We like to give recognition to our drivers

Our team highlights one employee every month to celebrate the victories and accomplishments they achieve.

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