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Ready to live the American dream of owning your business? Equity has one of the most competitive Lease Purchase Programs in the market. Our program was designed by drivers- for drivers. We want you to succeed and make a good living.


  • No Down Payment or Credit Check

  • No Balloon Payment

  • Access to a full line of personal benefits (health, vision, dental, disability, and more)

  • Low Fixed truck note between $245 and $275 weekly

  • Running under our authority is about $105/week, this includes plates, registration, and required insurances

  • Trailer rental and insurance is a flat rate of $25/week

  • You are covered by a bumper to bumper warranty (15 cents per dispatched mile)- maintenance becomes very similar to being a company driver

  • We pay 90 cents per dispatched mile (loaded, empty, bobtail), plus fuel surcharge for all loaded miles.

  • 36 to 48-month straight lease to purchase– which means when you make the final payment to your truck, we will sign the deed over to you

  • No required weeks out

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