Driver of the Month

December 2021

Please join us in congratulating Scott on his driver of the month achievement!

Scot has been driving for 34 years as a professional truck driver, eight of those years at Equity. His dispatcher Jeremy said, "Scot is the consummate professional. He takes care of equipment and mentors new drivers. He will do anything for Equity at nearly any time of the day or night."


Scot has been married for 13 years. He has three children and six grandchildren. He has two dogs; Magic is a black lab and Milo is a blue-tick coonhound.

He used to drive the "oversized" loads and really enjoyed that. He actually had a 100 mile per hour straightline wind lift up and flip over a house he was hauling.

December DOM 2021.jpg

Previous Drivers of the Month


Trenton | November 2021

Trenton has been driving trucks for over ten years, five of those have been with Equity Transportation. If you have had the pleasure of meeting him, you understand why he is the Driver of the Month winner for November.


He is widely respected by his Equity Family. His personality, professionalism, and performance are only outmatched by his love for God, his family and living life to its fullest.

Edwards | October 2021

Edwards has been driving professionally for two years. He has reached 80,558 safe driving miles during his employment with Equity. He grew up in the Atlanta area and now calls Florida home. He became a truck driver because of his grandfather who was an accomplished career truck driver.

Edwards served in the military for four years and later graduated from Chaminade
University of Honolulu with a Business Management Degree. He worked the Human Resources field for some time after.


During his time in the military, Edwards had the opportunity to travel worldwide to places like Thailand, China, Dubai and Tibet. His favorite place was Australia, where he opened an Ostrich and Emu farm. Traveling also encouraged him to continue one of his hobbies of hiking across new places and exploring the outdoors. Edwards is well respected throughout Equity for his professionalism and great attitude.

Alonzo DOM September 2021.jpg

Alonzo | September 2021

Alonzo has been driving for approximately three years, two of which he has been at Equity. Alonzo has been married to his wife, Tiffani, for ten years. They have six amazing kids that are ages thirteen and one. When he isn’t driving his Equity truck, he is at home with his family making memories. He joked about when he is not driving a truck, he is driving go-carts with his kids. Living in Florida, he takes advantage of all the amusement parks and go-cart tracks with his family.

Alonzo has experienced near-death twice. The first time was around eight years old; he defied his father and crossed an interstate on foot and was hit by a pickup truck. He totaled the pickup and was told he had died for a few minutes. The second time he was ejected from a truck in Miami and woke up in the hospital. Authorities informed him if he had his seatbelt on, he would have been crushed. Now that’s good luck!

Roger DOM August 2021.jpg

Roger | August 2021

Roger "SkipO" will have worked for Equity two years since September. Roger has been driving on and off since he was 21. He is married to his best friend Heidi Sue for six years, and they met on a 200-acre horse farm. They have two dogs and two cats named Kylo "Humphrey", George, Spaz, and Lil' Bit, who are all rescues.

Roger and Heidi recently bought their forever-home in Heidi's hometown of Coloma, MI with 2.5 acres. He has been spending lots of time helping Heidi renovate their new home (but admits she does most of it) while creating beautiful landscapes around it.

Roger likes to tinker with his toys, which include a Harley, dirt bikes, and a 2019 Camaro. He hopes to soon create a building where he can store and work on them in the winter months!

Joseph DOM July 2021.jpg

Joseph | July 2021

Joseph has been driving semi-trucks for nine years and joined the Equity team in September 2019. He is happily married to his wife, Lisa, for 14 years. They have 5 kids and 18 grandkids.

This is the first time in his 30 years of working that he has received anything like the Driver of the Month and is very happy to be recognized as an exemplary driver for Equity. He enjoys working for Equity and enjoys the people. Joe likes to travel with his wife and has been to Cuba. His next travel plan is Hawaii for his wedding and work anniversary in September. He is also going to Las Vegas for the NFL draft this year (go Vikings!).

Joe enjoys having fun with his wife and family and taking spontaneous adventures on his downtime. He also loves comedy shows and has seen numerous comedians.

Leonard DOM June 2021.jpg

Leonard | June 2021

Leonard originally hails from the Windy City but now calls Naperville, IL home. He is a “Wake up and ready to go” kind of guy, and he works hard for his 14-year-old daughter Kamria and ten-year-old son Jeremiah. Leonard eventually wants to move to Michigan, buy his own truck, and build his own farm— complete with animals, crops and his kids! In his down time, Leonard is a knowledge seeker. He is always finding different topics to research and learn about.


“Leonard is at the top of the miles list getting over 13,000 miles two months in a row. Leonard never goes home and just wants to run nonstop. It doesn't matter how many loads you pile on him. He always gets them done and [is] very rarely ever late. He is also always a friendly driver and always in a good mood greeting everyone he comes in contact with a smile.” - Chelsea Petersen, Driver Manager

Scott DOM May 2021.jpg

Scott | May 2021

Scott began his career in trucking back in 2016, joining the Equity team in December 2018. He takes great pride in the job that he does and is constantly striving to be the best. Scott has achieved high rankings every month for the mileage bonus. When not behind the wheel, Scott enjoys relaxing while chasing the elusive catfish. His favorite meal is chicken and noodles with gravy over a heaping bed of mashed potatoes.

One of Scott’s passions is working on his mini monster truck go-carts. He has even been approached by a promoter to bring his MMT go-carts to the monster truck events when they come to the area. Scott hopes to be able to do that in the near future.

Jackie | April 2021

Jackie has been with Equity since January 19th, 2021 and has excelled since her start. She has run over 25,000 miles since she started, has hit the mileage bonus both periods, and has never had a late delivery! Jackie loves what she does and does not consider it work. “The paycheck is just a bonus” she said.


When at home, she enjoys a number of things, especially spending time with her significant other Dave and their two dogs Grace, a boxer/pit mix, and Arrow, a purebred Australian Shepherd.

Jackie loves to make and eat homemade lasagna, and one of her hobbies is rollerblading—maybe to work off that lasagna! She even carries a pair of rollerblades in the truck so she can stay in shape in her down time on the road.

Bruce DOM March 2021[1672].jpg

Bruce | March 2021

Bruce has been with Equity since March 7th, 2013, and over the past six months, Bruce has topped the charts with most safe miles run of any single driver. He was surpassed by only three teams beating him for that top spot. During the Amazon push through the fall and winter, Bruce ran a 98% on-time performance as measured by Amazon.


During his downtime, Bruce enjoys “just plain life” and likes Marvel movies and other interests on the new Discovery+ channel with his wife. He is actively involved in online competition gaming Marvel Contest of Champions and Last Shepherd. Bruce said he might even get back into doing needlepoint.