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Kim started in transportation within his family business, Bishop Motor Express. He moved to Atlanta in 2000 and joined Equity Transportation in 2005.  It has been rewarding being a part of Equity’s growth in the south. Although he will be retiring in 2022, he sees Equity’s growth in the SE continuing with the strong dedicated team of planners, DM's and especially a fantastic group of drivers. Kim is married to his wife Bev and has two sons and six grandchildren. 

“Living the transportation dream since 1972”

Kim Bishop

SE Dispatch Manager

(404) 691-4102


Stephanie Biddle

SE Dispatch Manager

(404) 691-4140


Jake Miller first started with Equity on November of 2014 as a dispatcher. Over the years, he has had many roles and is now being moved to Southeast Operations Manager.

“I look forward to seeing the future of Equity as it continues to grow and improve.”

Jake Miller

SE Planner

(404) 291-7365

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